Setting up Foxo's "Connect" feature

Simply share or embed the ''Connect'' URL in your reports, results, referrals, as a QR code, in emails or website. That's it.


❗Ensure the ''Connect" feature has been enabled for your Organisation. This is an add-on module that needs to be enabled by your Foxo Account Manager. 

1. Go to the Team that will be managing the incoming guest communication

2. Go to Settings

3. Scroll down to the section Guests.

4. Enable the Guest feature, which will expose a new URL

5. Copy the unique URL

6. Click Save

7. Paste the copied URL in your preferred distribution method (i.e. report, email, embed in your webiste etc) 


πŸ‘‡ Sample Report for Referrer Connect

πŸ‘‡ Sample Patient Connect collateral


πŸ’‘Good to know:

  • Incoming Patient or Referrer Cases will be marked with the label "Guest"
  • Guest Cases follow the same workflow as other Cases: they can be viewed, claimed, closed and shared with other Teams. 
  • If guest users close the chat window, they will be notified via email or SMS after 5 mins if the new activity is unread. 
  • Once closed, Cases can be re-opened by the guest.
  • All communication and documents contained in the chat are securely stored and can be accessed at any time.