• The Patient Card creates a rich contextual means of managing communication about a patient.
  • Create Patient Cards as a way of generating referrals, clinical handovers or simply as a means of tracking your own patients
  • Using the Notes section, you can @mention any of your contacts to quickly share the Patient Card and with them and communicate in context
  • Create and distribute patient cards as a means of task allocation and tracking in organisations.
  • Share Patient Cards to Single or Group Messages to facilitate multi-disciplinary team communication



  1. To create a Patient Card, select the Patients menu item, then select the “new patient” icon
  2. Complete the Patient demographic and Clinical information and click “Save Changes”
  3. You now have a Patient Card that can be used for record-keeping, Referrals, Handovers and team collaboration
  4. To upload Media (Images and PDFs), select “Upload Media” button


  • The Primary Carer is either the creator of the card or a recipient of the card via a Referral or Handover
  • Participants in Single or Group messages are not Primary Carers but will have view access


  • Patient clinical information and demographic information can be changed only by the Primary Carer by selecting the “Edit Patient” button.