What are Foxo Cases?

A Case is an actionable request or task that can be sent into a Team with high, urgent or normal priority for response. A member of the receiving Team can claim the Case, resolve it and engage in a 1:1 Chat with the Case Creator if needed.


👉 Example Scenarios 

  • A Clinician can send a Case to an Admin Team to assist with providing missing patient information or to schedule an appointment for a patient.
  • A Technician is able to send a Case to a Clinical Team for protocolling review. 
  • A Referrer is able to send a Case to a Specialist Team to discuss patient results.

    💡 For clinical use cases and workflows go to our Solutions Guide


Case Workflow 🚀



Step 1: The Case creator sends the Case to a Team

Step 2: A member of the receiving Team can claim or share the inbound Case with another Team for assistance if needed. (This can happen before or after the Case was claimed.) 

Step 3: The Case claimer actions/resolves the Case. 

Step 4: Once actioned, the Case claimer can send a Close request to the Case creator. The Case is now in a pending state. 

Step 4: The Case creator can close (or reopen) the Case. 


❗If the Case creator doesn't close the Case within 7 days, the Case will be automatically closed unless the Case creator reopens it during this time.