Creating and Using the Patient Card

The Patient Card creates a rich contextual means of managing communication about a patient.


👍 Good to know...

  • Patient Cards are a way of generating referrals, clinical handovers or simply as a means of tracking your own patients
  • Create and distribute patient cards as a means of task allocation and tracking in organisations
  • Share Patient Cards to Single or Group Messages to facilitate multi-disciplinary team communication



👇 Steps to create a Patient Card

  1. Select the Patients menu item, then select the plus icon 
  2. Complete the Patient demographic and Clinical information and click Save Changes
  3. You now have a Patient Card that can be used for record-keeping, Referrals, Handovers and team collaboration
  4. To upload Media (Images and PDFs), select Upload Media button


👇 Click on the arrows Arrows in the bottom right corner to enlarge the image. Hover over  and click on   in the image below to find out more about the Patient Card.