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Join an Organisation

As you're onboarding to Foxo, you will need to join an Organisation to be able to connect with your colleagues. This will give you access to the different Teams & People, and to the News Feed of the Organisation.


Joining an organisation can happen in different ways:

  1. Your Organisation is already set up. As you register your account, Foxo will present you with your Organisation and prompt for you to join it during the onboarding
  2. Search for your Organisation via the search bar if you haven't been prompted with your Organisation to check whether it is already on Foxo.  
  3. Create an Organisation if your Organisation hasn't been set up yet. Click on ''Create Organisation'' and fill in all the required fields.

💡 Note: Once your Organisation has been created, it will be pending approval from Foxo. Foxo has a verified user network. All users and Organisations are reviewed and approved to be on the Foxo network. 

✅ Done! Let's now find out how to join a Team.