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Join a Team

A Foxo Team is like a message thread which is connected to your Organisation. It brings extra features such as Team Chat, Case management and other clinical workflows.

💡 Once you've joined your Organisation, you can then join your Organisation's Teams. To do so, follow these quick steps below 👇:

  1. Visit your Organisation's Foxo page. You should have the Organisation name in your left menu. If it's not there, you haven't joined an Organisation yet. Follow this step- through guide which will show you how to get connected to your Organisation. 

  2. Click on "Teams" to review the Teams you wish to join.

  3. Choose the Team/s and click "Join Team". Depending on the Team's Settings, you'll either be welcomed in instantly or put in a pending pattern whilst pending approval.

💡 Foxo Tip

Once you're in a Team, you can message your teammates, share files, claim and review
Cases. For further help, please contact Foxo Help in the app (or ask one of your Team's Product Champions).


✅ Done. Let's now complete your profile.