Patient & Referrer Connect: Overview

Foxo’s ''Connect'' module enables a secure 1-click communication channel from your external network (patients & referrers) into your business


❗The ''Connect'' feature is for guest users only (users without a full Foxo account; users who have not registered). 

Patient Connect

Simply embed the live chat URL on your website or promote a QR code published across marketing assets (business cards, flyers etc) for quick access. Patients can initiate a secure chat session with your Team and securely upload referrals from their mobile device or desktop. 

For MS Teams enabled organisations: Our seamless integration with MS Teams enables you to invite patients into the MS Team environment without the need for a Foxo or MS Teams account. 

Find more information here

Referrer Connect

This simple and frictionless process enables your external network (e.g. referrers) to easily communicate with your team without the need for integrations, app installations or account setup. Referrers and your surrounding healthcare network can skip your call queue for decision support or request information on reports, scans, results, or other tech support.
By simply sharing or embedding a Foxo URL in your reports, results, referrals, in your website or as a QR code referrers can initiate a secure chat (synchronous & asynchronous) into your business. 

👉 Find out how to set up Connect here.