Manage and Customise Notifications

Foxo allows you to customise and manage notifications to suit your needs. You have full control over what notifications you'd like to receive (Messages, Patients, Cases) along with associated sounds.


1. Manage your Notifications (Messages, Patient Cards, Cases)

2. Muting Notifications

3. Manage Team Notifications


Manage your Notifications (Messages, Patient Cards, Cases)

  1. To manage your notifications, go to Settings & Profile.
  2. Click on Settings
  3. If you don't wish to receive any notifications (toast, push, sound alerts) toggle off Allow Notifications. 
  4. For a more granular control over notifications toggle on Allow Notifications. You can now decide what you would like to be notified of (Messages, Patients, Cases) and whether you would like to receive sound alerts for those notifications. 

šŸ‘‡ Click on in the image below to learn more about the different options: 


Muting Notifications

You also have the option to mute your notifications so you won't receive any sound alerts. To do so turn off the sound toggle. You will see a blue bar in the top of your screen to inform you that all Notifications are muted. 

You can also mute notifications based on category, for example, only mute Patient Activity or Cases. 

šŸ’”Note that you will still receive silent notifications and the unread badge, however no sound. If you want to turn notifications off completely, toggle off Allow Notifications



Manage Team Notifications

ā— To customise Team notifications (Team Chat & incoming Cases) go to the Team followed by Options in the top right corner and select "My Team Preferences".