Creating Cases

Cases can be created from different starting points, depending on whether you have an Integration with a clinical system.

There are three ways of creating a Case:

  1. Under the menu Cases on the left-hand side on your screen
  2. From a Patient Card
  3. Directly from a clinical system if an integration is set up

On this page:

Steps: Creating a Case

Video: How to create a case via Teams (1)

Video: How to create a case from a Patient Card (2)

Steps: Creating a Case from a clinical system via an integration

Steps - Creating a Case 

👇 Hover over  and click on   in the image below to to learn more about the different steps. 

  1. Click on the plus icon next to Cases (1), or in a Patient Card 'Create Case' (2)
  2. Select a Team. You can also add multiple teams
  3. Add a subject and more information if required
  4. If you're not creating the Case from a Patient Card, then you can select a patient here. Attaching a Patient Card is not required. 
  5. Cases can be triaged as Normal, High, or Urgent
    1. 🔴 Urgent (Red) SMS sent to team members after 5 mins

    2. ⭐ High (Yellow) Email sent to team members after 10 mins 

    3. 🔵 Normal (Blue) Email sent to team members after 24 hours 

  6. Add reports, scans, images or other files via the Attach Media button
  7. Once done, click Submit Case

💡 Foxo Tip

Cases can be sent from outside an Organisation & Team. The person creating and sending the Case doesn't need to be a member of the receiving Organisation & Team. For example, a Team can accept external Cases from referrers, specialists, GPs etc.




👇 The following video showcases how to create a Case under the menu Cases (1)



👇 The following video showcases how to create a Case from a Patient Card (2). 



Steps - Creating a Case from a clinical system (3)

This following example shows an integration with Karisma. 

1. To use the integration, simply navigate to your reports in Karisma. With a Report selected (pictured below) press Push to Foxo (1).

You can also do this directly from a Report by pressing the Foxo icon (2) shown below.

2. Once pressed, you’ll see a popup window that enables you to send the Patient to yourself (Patient Card) or to a Clinical Team. If you have added a Team in Foxo (eg. Concierge service) under ''Integrations'', it will appear in the dropdown.

3. If you selected 'Send to myself', Foxo will export the patient details as a Patient Card, which you can access under the menu Patients. It is also possible to send a Case into a Team from a Patient Card (see 2 above). 


Done. ✅ Now learn how to triage Cases.