Claiming, Triaging & Closing Cases

Once a Case has been created, all Team members of the receiving Team will be notified of the incoming Case and its priority. The Case can then be claimed by one member and actioned, or if further support is required triaged with other Teams.


1. Claiming a Case

2. Triage a Case

a. Share Case with another Team

b. Request Response

4. Closing a Case

5. Auto-close of pending Cases


💡 Good to know...

  • All Team members will be notified of the incoming Case
  • All Case activity such as who has seen the incoming case, at what time, and who has claimed the Case etc will be recorded in the Team Chat (which also acts as an Activity Log)


👇 Claiming a Case


1. Go to the Team that has received the Case and click on View Case

2.  Once in the Case, you can then claim the Case

3. Action the Case - simply engage in a 1:1 chat and respond in the message thread or attach any requested media via drag or drop or the three dots. 


👇Triage the Case


1. Share Case: If further support from a specialist Team is required, you can also share the Case with another Team.


2. Request Response: If you need a specific member of one of the Team(s) to action the Case or bring the Case to their attention, select Request Response.

The person will be notified immediately that their attention is required. To encourage a prompt response, their unread notification (as highlighted in red below) will only disappear from their view once they have responded to the Case.



4. Once the Case has been actioned, make sure to request to close the Case by pressing the Close button. 

💡Requesting to close Cases is an important step for two reasons:

    1. Informs the Case creator that the necessary work is complete.
    2. Maintains a small list of cases making it easier to keep track of remaining Cases.
  • When the Case claimer closes the Case, a close request will be sent to the Case creator, who can then approve the close request or reopen the Case.
  • The Case will be marked as 'Closed' in the Team Chat. 


5. Auto-close of pending Cases

  • If no action is performed by the Case creator, the Case will be automatically closed after 7 days:
    • A message for auto-closure will be lodged in the Team and Case chat.
    • A countdown will be visible for the Case creator in the Case.

auto close cases-1


💡Good to know...

  • Once the Case claimer requests a Case to be closed, the Case creator will be prompted to close or reopen the Case if needed
  • Only the Case creator can reopen and ultimately close the Case.