Applying Labels to Cases

Labels can be applied to a Case and used for filtering via the Case list. This allows you and your team members to group and search for specific Cases.


👍 Good to know...

When a label is applied, anyone in the Team can see and use it. Labels are often used for bookings teams, i.e. "Called patient once, no answer", ''Follow-up Cases". Your team mates can see the applied label.

👇 Watch the quick How-To video below to learn more about how to create and apply labels to cases. 

HubSpot Video


Step by Step:

Applying or Creating a Label is easy and can be done in two places.


1. From your Team under Team Chat as a new Case comes in:

2. When viewing the Case (at the top). Make sure to click on the expand drop-down



💡 Once you have created and applied a Label, you can then use the Case filter: