Applying Labels to Cases

Apply labels to Cases for simple filtering in the Case list, allowing you and your team to categorise and search for specific Cases.


πŸ‘ Good to know...

When a label is applied, anyone in the Team can see and use the label. Once added to the specific Case, it will also appear in the drop-down of the Case list. Here are some examples: "Review Later", "Reporting", ''Follow-up Cases"  etc. 

πŸ‘‡ Watch the quick How-To video below to learn more about how to create and apply labels to cases. 



Applying or Creating a Label can be done in two places:

1. In the Team Chat as a new Case comes in:

2. When viewing the Case (at the top). Make sure to click on the expand drop-down



πŸ’‘ After creating and applying a Label, you can use the Case filter. This allows you to conveniently sort and categorise your Cases based on the labels you have assigned.