Viewing and Pinning Files

The Files Manager allows you to view and pin files for quick and easy access to your most important files.

💡 Foxo Tip

You can pin files in any message thread (Single, Group and Team) or Case for easy reference. Pinning is a great way to keep track of your most important files. 


view an pin files

👇 Steps:

  1. In the message thread, hover over the image or file you would like to pin
  2. Hovering over the file will enable different icons: download, pin (& delete if uploaded by you). 
  3. Click on the 📌 to pin the file
  4. To access the Files Manager click on the three dots in the bottom right corner followed by Files Manager
  5. You'll see all files of the thread or case. Pinned files will appear on top of the list. 

💡 Foxo Tip

 To unpin files click on the pinned down icon.