How to use Patient Connect

For patients starting a chat via Patient Connect

Step 1: When accessing the chat for the first time, you will need provide first name, last name and your phone number to receive a passcode. You might also be prompted to accept a disclaimer (e.g. In case of an emergency, call 000...). 

Step 2: Enter the 6-digit code sent to your mobile number.

Step 3: Start a new chat and enter a subject. Additionally, you have the option to view your past chat history (open chats if you used this service before. 

Step 4:  You may need to provide additional information for verification purposes or to give more details on your request, such as your date of birth, Medicare number, and location. A team member will then handle your case and follow up with you. In the meantime, you may receive a standard response with instructions on the next steps.

Step 5: If needed, you have the option to take a photo of a referral or symptom and upload it directly in the chat window. Additionally, you can communicate directly with the Organization's Patient Service team.

Step 6: The first available team member will claim and respond to your request.

If you close the chat window, you will receive a text when you get a response from the Organisation with a direct link to the chat. 


Step 7: Once your request has been resolved, you can choose to close the chat at your discretion. This step is optional. Once closed, your chat history will be visible under ''Closed" Chats (see below). 

💡 You can access all chat history and documents shared with you under the hamburger menu in the top right corner. Here, you'll have access to all of your open and closed chats.