Using and Managing Tags

Tags allow you to organise and filter Patient Cards in your patient list


๐Ÿ‘ What are Tags?

  • Patient Cards are automatically assigned to one of five predefined Tags: My Patients, Unread Patients, Handovers, Referrals and Archived Patients.
  • Additional custom Tags can be created to further organise your patients and streamline workflows
  • Multiple Tags can be added to a Patient Card
  • Tags are not visible to other people. Only you can see Tags you have attached to the Patient Card. 

๐Ÿ‘‡ Steps to assign Tags

  1. In the Create Custom Tag field, enter the name of your new Tag (e.g.. โ€œMy Interesting Casesโ€). Newly created Tags will appear in the Tag Manager above.
  2. Select one or more Tags from the Tag Manager to apply the Tag to the Patient Card.
  3. Close the Tag manager with the โ€Xโ€ in the top right corner
  4. Next, to filter Patients by Tags, select the Patients icon in the menu and select Patients in the left panel.
  5. Click on Show All to filter by Tags.