Archiving, Removing, Restoring Patient Cards

Manage your Patient Cards using Foxo Shortcuts

👍 Good to know...

  • Foxo allows you to archive and restore Patient Cards
  • You can archive multiple by holding down Shift then selecting the first and last patient you wish to archive
  • Archiving a patient card will hide the patient from your Patients list
  • An Archived patient can only be viewed via the Archived patient filter
  • Archived patients can be restored via the Archived filter

Archive 1 Patient Card:

  1. Open Patients menu
  2. Navigate to the patient requiring archiving
  3. On mobile: swipe left and select Archive
  4. On desktop: Hover over the patient, select the chevron < in the patient list, select Archive

Archive multiple Patient Cards:

  1. Open Patients menu
  2. Hover over the first patient you wish to archive and select the check box
  3. Scroll down to the last patient, hold shift and click the check box
  4. Select Archive



💡 Foxo Tip

  • As a Primary Carer, archiving a patient will lock the patient card from further edits from all users with card permissions
  • The Primary Carer cannot remove a card, only archive.