Overview of Teams

Foxo Teams are like a structured message threads that are nested within your Organisation. They bring enterprise-ready workflows such as Case management, Guest Chat and other clinical workflows.

💡 What you can do with Teams...

  • Accept inbound Cases from internal & external sources (from non-members of the Team, e.g. Referrers, clinicians, admins)
  • Manage and allocate Cases (on-share Cases with other Teams)
  • Replicate an Organisation structure, i.e. you can create functional units like a clinical team, admin team etc. 
  • Communicate and collaborate with your colleagues (members of the Team) via the Team Chat, i.e. Multi-disciplinary Teams


👇 Click on the arrows Arrows in the bottom right corner to enlarge the image. Then, hover over the or click on  in the image below to find out more about how to navigate Teams.