Navigating your Claimed and Sent Cases

To access all your created and claimed Cases go to the Cases menu on the left-hand side of your screen. Here you can access two different tabs: Sent Cases and Claimed Cases

On this page: 

1. Overview

2. Sent Cases 

3. Claimed Cases


👇 Click on the arrow Arrows in the bottom right corner to enlarge the image. Then click/hover over the interactive buttons. 


Sent Cases

Under the Sent Cases tab you'll find a list of all Cases that you have created. You can use the filter to sort according to active, pending or closed Cases. 

Once the Case has been actioned, the Team member who claimed the Case might request the Case to be closed.

Once you're satisfied with the resolution of the Case, click into the Case and press Close. This will confirm the request to close. If further assistance or information is required, you can reopen the Case. 


Claimed Cases

Under the tab Claimed Cases you'll find a list of all Cases that you have claimed. You can use the filter under All to see the different Teams that these Cases have been sent to. 

Please make sure to request the close of the Case by the Case creator once you have actioned the Case.