Messaging (Single & Group)

The Message feature allows secure communication with other health professionals either in a single or group environment


πŸ’‘ Good to know...

  • Foxo Messages are secure and compliant. πŸ”’
  • Notifications (desktop and mobile) and message receipt verifications ensure critical information is communicated effectively across health teams. πŸ””
  • Media (clinical images and documents) and Patient Cards can be shared within messages πŸš€
  • Group Messages allow sharing of patient information (including Patient Cards) within multidisciplinary teams beyond your Organisation. πŸ‘₯




Sending a Foxo Message:


  1. Press the + icon next to the Messages menu item (left) 
  2. Select one contact (for single message) or more contacts (for group message) from your contacts list
  3. Select Start Chat
  4. Use the paper clip icon to Share Media (clinical images or documents) and/or a Patient Card to the message.
  5. Use Manage Chat button to lock the message thread, add or remove users, and change the Group’s name.

Create Message


πŸ’‘ Foxo Tip

Message read-receipts appear as the profile image of the recipient. This is appended to the right side of the last message. They allow you to see which user has read your message and at what time.


read receipt