Why are my Messages locked?

If you are having trouble sending a Message to a contact or want to lock a message thread, learn more below:


 โ“ I canโ€™t message a contact when I try to send a single message:

Foxo has a Message-Lock feature to respect the privacy of its users. You can identify the message has been locked by two features:
  • a closed padlock will appear in the top left of the top toolbar ๐Ÿ”’
  • the screen will take on an opaque hue 


โ“ Can I still contact people if they have locked a single message thread?


No. You cannot directly message another user if they have locked the message thread but you can always Refer and Handover patients. This is to ensure that critical patient information can continue to be communicated to users of Foxo.


Learn how to lock a Message Thread