Email Notifications

By default, Foxo is set to email you periodically with any important activity that you have missed on Foxo

You can manage notifications from your "Settings" in Foxo

Email notification

If enabled (as in image above), you'll receive email notifications for:

1. Incoming Cases (if unactioned)

🔴 Urgent (Red) SMS after 5 mins 

NB: If a mobile number hasn't been included, Foxo will send an email 

⭐ High (Yellow) Email after 10 mins 

🔵 Normal (Blue) Email after 24 hours 

Email notification missed urgent priority case


2. Referral/Handover (if unactioned) 

🔴 Urgent (Red) Email after 5 mins

3. Overall Missed Activity 

Email after 48 hours

This includes:

  • Chat conversations
  • Patient Card notifications
  • Case notifications
  • Org & Team notifications