Creating an Organisation

Creating Organisations is a Community feature; anyone on the Foxo network can setup their own Organisation for free.

👉 Before creating an Organisation, please check that your Organisation hasn't been setup already. You can do so here. 


Steps for creating an Organisation:

  1. Click on Teams & Organisations 
  2. Select Organisation
  3. Click on Create Organisation

Create Org gif


👇 Hover over the red icons in the image below to find out more about the different settings when creating an Organisation.


💡 Note: Once your Organisation has been created, it will be pending approval from Foxo. Foxo has a verified user network. All users and Organisations are reviewed and approved to be on the Foxo network. 


💡 Foxo Tip

Once you've created your Organisation, you can then set up different Teams. Note that Foxo Teams are a paid feature enabling enterprise-ready workflows and environments such as Case Management, Broadcasting, and clinical workflows.