B2B API - Guest Chat

Set up a Foxo account on staging and explore our B2B API

Important: Request Foxo to whitelist your email domain before proceeding here
  1. Register an account using your work email here
    Registering with your whitelisted work email will streamline your experience into the testing environment
  2. If you haven't joined the "Demo Healthcare" organisation on Foxo, please "join" here
    It's important to join an Organisation as this enables access to Foxo Teams where Guest Chat lives
  3. Join the "Referrer Concierge" Team, you'll find your teams here.
    This Team has Guest Chat enabled and will receive your cases using the Teams UID below)
  4. Finally, you'll need someone at Foxo to create your B2B API credentials, request this here.

Once you have completed the above 4 steps:

Important: Use a different email address when testing as a "Guest" user.