Automatically launch Foxo on Startup

Instead of manually opening Foxo, you can set up Foxo to automatically launch when booting up your laptop. Just follow the steps below:






  1. Install Foxo
  2. Once installed, you will be prompted with the following message
  3. Tick Auto-start on device login
  4. Restart your PC

Auto start Edge

💡Missed or skipped this message? 

It's not too late. If you missed or skipped this message after you've installed Foxo the first time, you can still enable the auto-start via the steps below:

1. Go to edge://apps

2. Right-click on Foxo

3. Click on Start app when you sign in

Auto start edge missed





1. Make sure Foxo is installed

2. Go to chrome://apps

3. Right-click on the Foxo icon

4. Tick Start app when you sign in

5. Restart your PC

auto start Chrome


❌ If the steps for Chrome outlined above didn't work for you, try the following:

1. Select the Start button and search for Foxo

2. Right-click on Foxo and select Open file location. This opens the location where the shortcut to the app is saved. 

step 1

3. Keep the file location open and press the Windows logo key + R

4. Type shell:startup then select Ok

Step 2


5. Copy and paste the shortcut to the app from the file location to the Startup folder. 

Step 3