Archiving & Restoring Message Threads

When a message thread is no longer needed, it can be archived. Archived messages are still open to new activity and can be restored any time.

Archive a Message

Restore a Message 


👇 Steps to archive a Message: 

  1. Go to the message thread you'd like to archive
  2. Click on the < arrow 
  3. Click on Archive
  4. The thread is now under Archived Messages (use the 'Archived' filter)


💡 Foxo Tip

If you receive a new message in an archived message thread, the message will automatically be restored and you will be notified. 

Archiving messages

👇 Steps to restore a Message

  1. Go to your Archived Messages (select the filter 'Archived' under 'All' Messages)
  2. Go to the thread you'd like to restore
  3. Click on the < arrow
  4. Click on Restore
  5. Clear the 'Archived' filter. The message thread will appear under 'All' Messages.