Pen CS Topbar Integration

Real-time Bookings, Referral support, and communication across your professional network


👍 Foxo and Pen CS have come together to bring the healthcare industry a real-time solution for seamless, secure communication and knowledge-sharing between clinicians, teams, and organisations.


If you're a Topbar user, the following guide will step you through how to enable the Foxo integration and showcase how to use it. If you're not a Topbar user, please contact Pen CS.


Step 1: Enable Foxo within Topbar (first-time users only)

First-time users will need to pin the Foxo app in Topbar first.


Once you have the Foxo app enabled (as above), click on the Foxo icon from Topbar:


Step 2: Create your Foxo account

Use this Quick Guide which will help you set up your account and get you started with Foxo. 🦊


Step 3: Load up Foxo

Now that you've created your Foxo account and pinned Foxo in Topbar, you can start sending Patients from your Patient Management System (PMS) to any Team on Foxo.

To do this, open your PMS and find a Patient (you can use a test patient for now).

Now, click on the Foxo button from Topbar:


Step 4: Import to Foxo

  1. With Foxo open (and logged in), navigate to Patients
  2. "Allow" the information to move from your PMS to Foxo. This enable data to be transmitted between the two system. (More on our Security
  3. Import the Patient via the Import From PCS Topbar button


Step 5: Create


One of the many benefits of using Foxo is the ability to engage your clinical network and fast-track a clinical booking with a referee.


1. To do this, check the 'Create Case with Patient' button (4).

2. You can now search the clinical team you'd like to send the Patient to (see animation below). Search 'Foxo Test Team' for this example.

3. You can also add a note and set the status to Normal, High or Urgent. 


💡 Foxo Tip:

Depending on the status you’ve chosen, the recipients will receive different notifications. Status urgent will escalate with an SMS with a link to the recipients after 30 minutes if unactioned (given that their mobile number is attached to their Foxo profile.). Check here for more information on the different statuses and the corresponding notifications. 


4. Pressing 'Create' will send your Patient and your notes to the Team. The Team will then 'claim' your case and you can communicate with them. Visit 'Cases' (5) at any time to continue your conversation.


❗ It's important to keep Foxo open or revisit from Topbar to respond to messages received.