Moving Patient Data from Medical Director to Foxo is just a few clicks away. We’ve outlined the process below. If you experience any issues, please search “Foxo Help” in your contacts

First, open Medical Director on your computer.

Now, open your web browser and log in to Foxo (

With Foxo open, Click on your profile image (1), then select Settings (2), then Add Integration (3).


Find the Medical Director integration and press the + icon (5) on the right, this will turn in to a tick. You can give the integration a name (6) – this is optional and useful if you have more than one integration.

Now, press Submit.

Now, press the Copy to Clipboard button

After pressing Copy to Clipboard, you should see a small popup window. Press “Enable” (9).

Your integration is complete!

To use the Foxo integration, press the Foxo Button that appears when viewing a patient record. This will create a new Patient Card in Foxo.