Medical Director Integration

Connect your Medical Director software to Foxo to enable live chat and referrals

👉 If you have Topbar installed, please follow this guide

1. First, you need to create your Foxo account.

2. Once your Foxo account is setup, download Foxo's Adapter (exe) here:

3. Run the Install and select “Install for all users”:

4. Step through the installation modal:

5. Open your Foxo account and navigate to your Profile (click on your profile image top right)

6. Click "Integrations" from the right side menu (Shortcut: Integrations)

7. Click "Add Integration" (choose your Patient Management System)

8. Give it an Alias (eg. Front Desk)

9. Choose a Team - this is the Team you'll be sending patients to (eg. Radiology bookings team) Contact us if you don't have any teams to send to yet

10. Skip 'Organisations' - this is not mandatory

11. Press Submit

12. Copy the API endpoint (copy to clipboard)


13. A new window should popup automatically. If it doesn't, from your taskbar, right-click on the Foxo icon and select “Install for Practice”:

14. “Paste” the API endpoint you copied from Foxo’s Integration page

15. Close and re-open the PMS, then test with a test patient (find a test patient in your PMS and press the Foxo button).


To use the Foxo integration, press the Foxo Button that appears when viewing a patient record. This will create a new Patient Card in Foxo.