Karisma 4.0 – Integration Setup

Moving Patient data from Karisma 4 to Foxo is just a few clicks away. We’ve outlined the process below.

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The Setup

Using the Foxo integration in Karisma 4.0


The Setup

  1. On your desktop, log in to Foxo and select over your profile image (top right)
  2. Click on Integrations 
  3. Click on Add Integration

Shortcut to your Integration setup: click here.

4. Select the vendor you wish to integrate with (Karisma):

5. Give the integration a name (this is optional). Eg. "My Karisma Integration"

6. Choose one or more Teams.

Adding a Team to the integration lets you share a Patient or Case directly to the Team from your Karisma instance:

7. Press Select Teams and start searching (eg “Bookings team” or “Concierge”)

8. Press the blue plus (+) icon next to the team. You can choose multiple.


9. Press the tick button, then "Submit"

The final and very important step is sending your Unique API Endpoint (URL with numbers) to your IT administrator or team. Press the Copy to Clipboard button (pictured below), then email this to your IT lead.

With the Unique API Endpoint copied, paste this into a new email addressed to your IT team (control + v for windows, command v for Mac) making reference to the Foxo integration.


Using the Foxo integration in Karisma 4.0


To use the integration, simply navigate to your reports in Karisma. With a Report selected (pictured below) press “Push data to Foxo” (1).

You can also do this directly from a Report by pressing the Foxo icon (2) shown below.