Is my data safe?

Foxo has been specifically developed as a means for Australian healthcare providers to readily share patient information to enable better patient care. Patient data is sent over an encrypted connection, conforming to the latest web security standards. As no electronic platform can ever be completely secure from cyber attacks or data breaches, to limit further risk it is always best to only send as much sensitive information as is required for patient care. De-identification of clinical information may be appropriate in selected instances, providing it does not jeopardise patient care.


Do I need my patient’s consent to share their information on Foxo?

Yes. Whenever you share patient information with other healthcare providers a patient must consent to providing his/her sensitive health information, whether this consent is verbal, written or implied. This is regardless of whether this information is communicated verbally (eg by phone) or in writing (eg fax, patient information systems or Foxo).

For more information on your responsibilities with electronic communication of clinical information visit:

For more information about use of mobile devices for patient care see:

Please ensure you have read our user terms


Where is my data stored?

Foxo is cloud-based which means your patient data is stored on servers, not on your device. The data is stored only in Australia on secure, encrypted servers with Amazon Web Services (AWS).


Who can access my patient information when I share, refer or handover?

To understand how patient information is accessible when you share to messages, or refer and handover see our help article.


My practice isn’t listed, how do I get it added?

Please email us at citing your name, practice name, address and phone number and we will add your business to our database.


How do I reset my password?

  1. Click on your profile image
  2. Select Edit
  3. Navigate to Password
  4. Enter your new password


How do I add a new contact?

  1. Select Add Contact New Contact icon to open the Search the network page
  2. Search the network by entering the name, Hospital/Clinic location or Specialty of the contact you wish to connect with


How do I find an existing contact?

  1. Select the Contacts button
  2. In the Search My Contacts bar, enter the name of your contact


How do I delete a contact?

  1. Select the Contacts button
  2. Select your contact from the contacts list or find by searching your contacts
  3. Desktop – Click Disconnect
  4. Mobile – swipe left then Remove


How do I archive a patient?

  1. Select Patients
  2. Navigate to the patient requiring archiving
  3. Desktop: Select the left arrow on the right side of the patient tab and select Archive
  4. Mobile: Swipe left and select Archive


How do I enable desktop notifications?

  1. Visit this post and follow the prompts


How do I submit feedback and bugs?

Desktop: Select Feedback from drop-down menu (your profile image on top right)
Mobile: Select Feedback from Menu tab (bottom left)


How do I delete my account?

  1. Select View Profile
  2. Click Deactivate account (located below your About section on your profile page)